Coupit Welcomes John McAfee

Coupit, the revolutionary open marketplace that has been referred to as the Amazon, Groupon and Craigslist of blockchain, has been endorsed by legendary antivirus software pioneer John McAfee.

“Coupit is a game-changer - completely different from any other retail platform - because it creates an open marketplace that centralizes retail and peer-to-peer transactions in one place with complete transparency and with a simple smartphone app,” says McAfee. “I believe that Coupit will be a Fortune 500 company in the next three years, the retail powerhouse of blockchain.”

Coupit, built on the NEO blockchain, will allow individuals and businesses to buy and sell products and services using all forms of payment, including other cryptocurrencies. The Coupit affiliate platform will use an NEP-5 token to combine a reward ecosystem with a giant e-commerce marketplace.

Coupit CEO Andrew Hamilton says, “John's endorsement shows that our offering is disruptive. This will change the way the world does business.”

With Coupit, buyers and sellers will be able verify each other's credentials, creating a relationship based on trust. Users will participate in the global marketplace with just a smartphone and an internet connection, and will exchange their rewards with each other, eliminating the potential for unredeemed rewards.

Backround: John started as a programmer for NASA’s Institute for Space Studies before becoming the creator of the first anti-virus software company that continues to bear his name. Now he turns his genius towards the future of economics. He is a champion of blockchain technologies and a fierce advocate of cryptocurrencies. John McAfee brings his considerable skill to bare advocating for the Crypto community. History will know him as the one who ushered a revolutionary movement into a new era.